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Rigamonti srl produces micro – tubes cold redrawed with outside diameter from 0.50mm up to 6.00mm with wall-thickness from 0.10mm to 3.00mm ( for higher dimensions visit the area tubes 6.00mm -28.00mm ) steel AISI 304,304L , 316 , 321.

The tubes are supplied welded or seamless with dimensional tolerances of ± 0.02mm. External and internal roughness obtained starting from Ra0.20μ

We can provide raw material or annealed and with surface finish gloss or satin. The tube is supplied in bars of commercial length 6000mm maximum . We can also make cuts to size on request starting from 5mm and any machining and surface such as folds, turning, milling, welding torches, brightening.

Upon request are possible also special metals: inconel, nikel, incoloy, monel, hastelloy, titanium.

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  • Turning Machine
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  • Instrument
  • Heating & Ventilation
  • Automotive
  • Cylinder
  • Textile
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  • Industrial


DECAPAGGIOChemical surface treatment which allows to obtain a stainless steel surface cleaned and passive by means of immersion in a pickling acid solution. This type of treatment is much more aggressive and deep compared to the normal operation of ultrasonic degreasing. Our pickling plant allows to perform washing of tubes up to maximum length 6m.

Annealing (solubilization controlled atmosphere)

RICOTTURA1This type of treatment is ideal for those who need to perform bending of drawn tubes, allowing the tube to maintain the shape of the operation term of curvature. The solubilization in a controlled atmosphere allows a surface aesthetically uniform.
Our systems annealing, allow to perform the solubilization of tubes up to a length of 6m.


SALDOBRASATURAThis type of processing, allows to perform the welding between more parts. Our braze welding process is performed in controlled atmosphere to obtain a homogeneous and uniform surface finish, free of stains caused by air pollution inside of most ovens.

Ultrasonic Washing

lavaggioOperation that eliminates and remove all impurities (residual lubricant for processing). The tube is washed both externally and internally, thanks to a process of ultrasonic cleaning forced. The tubes of washing and rinsing allow to perform washing of tubes up to length of 6m.

Mirror Surface

Finitura LucidaCan also be performed machining polishing pressure (polishing) of finished parts.


Satin Surface

Finitura SatinataThrough internal satin finishing equipment , we have the possibility of providing the tube with frosted surface with different levels of roughness using tapes with different grits from 200 to 600.

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