Rigamonti srl produces more than 50 years micro compressor/vacuum for domestic and industrial use. The experience gained in recent years, led us to be leader for realization of such products mainly used in the field of electro-medical devices, appliance and industrial. For several years we produce pumps in particular applied in aerosol machines, suction pumps and machinery for the food getting high vacuum performance.This sector has been developed in recent years, has led us to invest in semi-automatic production processes , obtaining high-quality products at competitive costs. Here are the features compression and suction of some pumps manufactured specifically for this purpose.We carry out projects on request through the 3D design of computers, working models of sintered material, concept product and moulds for production.


Compressor Punp Application

  • Nebulizer
  • Industrial
  • Bevering
  • Household Appliance

Vacuum Pump Application

  • Surgical Suction
  • Suction Vacuum Machines
  • Industrial
  • Vacuum Packaging Machines



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Office and Headquarters:
Via Pietro Toselli,21
Bresso 20091 MI Italia
Fax +39.02.66503773

Factory and Warehouse:
Via Brodolini,31
Cormano 20032 MI Italia
Fax +39.02.66503773


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