The OBR is a company specialized in production of machining high precision.

We realize production of small and medium-sized series as well as samples to plans and specifications by the Customer.

With the use of machine tools such as CNC machining centers , CNC lathe (tourning), traditional lathe machines , grinders, performing productions with ferrous and non -ferrous metals : stainless steel, aluminum alloys, brass and plastics .


Lavorazioni Meccaniche


  • Turning Machine
  • Medical
  • Instrument
  • Heating & Ventilation
  • Automotive
  • Cylinder
  • Textile
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food
  • Industrial


TornituraIndustrial production process obtained by machining of ferrous,   non - ferrous and plastic.
Our fleet includes CNC lathes ( MAZAK ) and lathes with bar passage up to 42mm. For special gripping maximum machining diameter 250mm.


FresaturaCold mechanical machining by chip removal performed on vertical machining. Our fleet includes machining NC (KITAMURA, TAKISAWA) with boards 600x400 (20 tools ISO40) and boards 400x350 ( 16 tools ISO35), vertical rotary tables.


SALDOBRASATURAProcessing for the finishing of metal pieces able to obtain a considerable dimensional and geometrical precision. Our grinding machines: surface grinders with horizontal axis, centerless grinding machines, traditional grinding machines.


SALDOBRASATURAThis type of processing, allows to perform the welding between more parts. Our braze welding process is performed in controlled atmosphere to obtain a homogeneous and uniform surface finish, free of stains caused by air pollution inside of most ovens.


BurattaturaProcess that allows the mechanical removal of residues of machining,in particular dross, due to processing such as cutting, milling and turning. Particularly suitable to give a smooth surface finish, even and polished to a high number of pieces, of small dimensions.

Dimensional Inspection

CONTROLLO2We are dedicated inspectorate checks an dimensional checks, roughness, and surface hardness. Possibility of additional electrical controls, stiffness tires.Instruments subject to periodic calibration to authorized laboratory.

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Office and Headquarters:
Via Pietro Toselli,21
Bresso 20091 MI Italia
Fax +39.02.66503773

Factory and Warehouse:
Via Brodolini,31
Cormano 20032 MI Italia
Fax +39.02.66503773


How to reach us

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