The OBR Company was founded in 1950 having as a basic activity specialization in machining high precision On the consolidated experience mechanics and the use of new machinery and specific acts to the realization of mechanical units , have been designed and produced the first models of micro-pumps centrifugal, diaphragm and piston system . These products were immediately used in the medical market especially in the context of medical device for the treatment of respiratory diseases . So, in 1960, the medical sector operating in the field of pulmonary medicine . In the '80s was born RIGAMONTI srl as special department productive for OBR.

In the constant search for areas in which to operate and develop new and appropriate experiences , RIGAMONTI srl introduces on its supply chain a new production : tubes and microtubes of stainless steel with high precision dimensions and tolerances such as to meet the needs of customers operating in very qualified market (medical, instrument, automotive, etc…).Towards the beginning of the 90s the Company Policy , aimed at re-invest in the areas of research and development, and quality system , achieved new milestones reached among the first companies in Italy certification of Quality Management System EN ISO 9001. Currently OBR and RIGAMONTI srl export their products in several foreign countries.

The OBR currently produces special high precision products with transformation systems mainly numerical control as NC machining, lathes, milling machines , grinders operating in strategic sectors such as: instrumentation , hospital , aeronautics and textiles . The OBR produces , on its own design, machines for special applications including sanders suitable for the super finishing of the seats for housing the ball bearings and automatic machines for production processes . RIGAMONTI srl, with the production of tools and machinery for the treatment of pulmonary diseases , has extensive experience in the field , supported by laboratories in the respiratory care market. Finally RIGAMONTI srl tubes division, always in constant development , produces and processes tubes and microtubes in stainless steel and other special alloy steel, with dimensions and tolerances to satisfy the needs of customers operating in very qualified field.




Office and Headquarters:
Via Pietro Toselli,21
Bresso 20091 MI Italia
Fax +39.02.66503773

Factory and Warehouse:
Via Brodolini,31
Cormano 20032 MI Italia
Fax +39.02.66503773


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